Easy Tips on How to Operate Windows 10 properly

The new Windows 10 launches in January 2015. Before upgrading users operate their device to this latest OS, it's good to know about new features in Windows

Computer news – The new Windows 10 launches in January 2015. Before upgrading users operate their device to this latest OS, it’s good to know about new features in Windows 10. Reported ITWorls page, Thursday (19/3/2015), following masterdomino┬áprovide five secret tips for Windows operating system 10.

How to Control and Operate Cortana In Window 10, there is a Cortana app that claimed to be a personal assistant of Windows OS 10 users. If users are reluctant to use Cortana to help get more privacy, you can create offline mode for the device.

How, just click on the search bar on the task bar, then click the menu button on the top left of the screen that appears and looks like three horizontal lines. Click the Settings menu and select ‘Delete tracking info like flights and packages, in email on my device’.


Enable Hidden Command Line

Windows 10 provides a new command line power feature. However, the user must activate it first. To do so, type cmd in the search box, then click the icon that appears, after which the user can click the Properties -> Experimental menu to find all kinds of new keyboard shortcuts that can be used.


Use Keyboard Shortcut

Some people may not like the ‘shortcut’ feature, but for those who use it often, Windows 10 provides some of the latest keyboard shortcuts. To operate and move the Window window to the left and right can use the Windows Key-Left Arrow shortcut or the Windows Key-Right Arrow combo shortcut.


Moving Programs between Virtual Desktop

Virtualdesktop is one of the new favorite features in Windows 10. If users like this feature, they can move programs between one virtual desktop with other virtual desktops. To do so, users simply access Task View by tapping Windows Key-Tab and then right-click the app you want to move between the two virtual desktops and then select Move To.

Turn off the FeedbackInteractive Features

When using Windows 10, you may often get a message asking the user to provide feedback or feedback about the feature being used. When the user performs Technical Preview for Windows 10, the message often appears and is not yet known whether it still exits when Windows 10 is actually launched later.

Even so, users can disable the often annoying feedback feature by clicking Settings from the Start menu, then select Privacy -> Feedback. After that select “Microsoft should ask for my feedback” and click Never to turn feedback off.